My Desk Bike Is A Permanent Fixture in my WFH Office Setup

Enlarge / Behold: It is both desk and bike.

Corey Gaskin

If you work from home, it’s a good idea to spice up the home office from time to time. Some of us have been living the telecommuting life for longer than others, and while we at Ars have some extensive experience (and an equally comprehensive guide on the best gear for home offices), we still like to periodically change things up to meet our dynamic needs. That’s how I found the Desk Bike.

Well, that, and I’m recovering from a foot injury that recently got me into biking as

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Why I Mountain-Bike for My Mental Health


Mountain biking provides a freedom unlike any I’ve experienced. Trail riding allows me to feel weightless, like I’m flying past trees, yet at the same time I’m grounded. I focus on the dust and the turns ahead; I feel the presence of every rock and root I roll over. To me, mountain biking is the physical embodiment of the concept of mindfulness: it requires you to be in the moment, because if your attention wanders, the consequences can be severe. For that short hour or two on the trail, I am how people are meant to be—free. Biking helps

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Best mountain bike shoes 2021 | 25 tried and tested recommendations

When looking for the best mountain bike shoes, there is a plethora of options. To figure out which pair is right for you, the first decision you’ll have to make is whether you want to go with flat-pedal or clipless-pedal shoes.

Our in-depth buyer’s guide will help you choose, as well as provide some information on the foundations of a good mountain bike shoe.

You’ll find all the best mountain bike shoe reviews on this page, and whether you ride cross-country, trail, enduro or downhill on flat or clipless pedals, we’ve ridden and rated the best mountain bike shoes on

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US Open of Mountain Biking Canceled Due to Forest Closures

The Fox US Open of Mountain Biking was canceled today after the Forest Service ordered the closure of California’s National Forests until at least September 17. The closure is a response to an ongoing wildfire crisis in the state.

The event was scheduled for September 23-26 at Big Bear Mountain Resort’s Summit Bike Park. Although the forests could reopen before the event’s scheduled dates, there wouldn’t be enough time for the event organizers to prepare after finding out definitively whether it would happen. All the athletes currently registered will have their entry fees refunded.

This is a difficult announcement to
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Video shows erratic driver weaving around cyclists during ‘Bike the Drive’

CHICAGO — A bike rider sent WGN disturbing video of a car weaving dangerously around cyclists Sunday during Chicago’s Bike the Drive.

According to witnesses, a car went through the roadblocks intended to protect the bike riders from traffic. 

Onlookers and cyclists reported the incident to the police. The driver, however, has not been identified and arrested by authorities.

One of the cyclists said kids took part in the drive, and the ordeal could have turned tragic.

No injuries were reported.

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Biking with Manu and Fabricio

If you follow El Corazon on Twitter, you know he has been out and about on the bicicleta.

The Salado Creek Greenway runs throughout San Antonio with many arteries connecting at city parks. Manu has been getting himself back into shape (hopefully to work with young players).

Yesterday he and Fabricio Oberto posted a photo of their ride.

Still smiling despite the heat and the distance.

Fabricio’s tweet translates roughly into “rest was never an option and we left behind 53 kilometers (roughly 33 miles).

Manu’s response “I think that’s my maximum, Ezu. Maybe 60km. Then I start to fall

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Three New Mountain Bikes We Love


Yeti ARC ($3,600)

(Photo: Courtesy Yeti Bikes)

Best For Soul Riders

Hardtail mountain bikes are having a moment. Maybe it’s a return to the fundamentals of the sport or a desire for a more tactile connection to the trail. Whatever the reason, there’s a spate of these rigs this season, and Yeti’s ARC is one of our favorites. We like the trail-oriented geometry, which is slacker and more reassuring than the twitchy hardtails many of us grew up riding. Unlike the storied ARC from the nineties, this modern reboot wasn’t designed with racing in mind, though it’s certainly constructed

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Do Kids Need E-Mountain Bikes?


Rarely has a piece of test gear caused so much controversy in our household. Ski boots, bikes, fly rods, camp showers—all manner of gear lands on my doorstep for review, and my husband and ten-year-old daughter greet every item with curiosity. But unboxing the Woom UP 6 ($3,749), an e-mountain bike for kids, triggered emotions ranging from anger to elation.

My daughter, Simone, the bike’s intended tester, cooed over the gleaming blue finish on the UP’s aluminum frame, the 90-millimeter air fork, the Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires on 26-inch wheels, and the Fazua motor–battery unit that boosts pedal strokes

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A Starter Kit for Biking in New York

With gyms closed (and now reopened with restrictions) and some wary of public transportation, many New Yorkers have embraced biking for commuting and recreation during the pandemic. While increased demand and a disruption of the supply chain has created a shortage of bikes, there is plenty of good news: cycling is good for the health of both the biker and the environment, and it makes for an overall more livable city.

But what if you’re new to urban biking? Here are a few tips if you are — or if you’re rediscovering the pleasures of human-powered (or electric-assisted) transportation.

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As demand for bikes surged, Amazon got in the way

After leaving his job in global business development at Amazon, Aaron Kerson used his knowledge of the platform’s sales algorithms to power up his new business. Pacific Northwest Components, launched in 2015 with his wife Emily, slowly became a success, selling handlebars, levers, and other mountain bike parts. But when the pandemic hit and a global shortage battered the bike industry, Kerson realized one company was causing a lot of problems: Amazon.

Now Kerson’s company is part of a slew of businesses turning their backs on Amazon and removing their products from the platform’s marketplace. In the last two years,

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