This cute duck ran the NYC marathon with custom webbed sneakers

This will be the most adorable thing you’ll see today: Wrinkle the Duck—a traveling duck named after A Wrinkle in Time—joined the 30,000 participants at this weekend’s 50th annual New York City marathon to run around town.

The best part? Wrinkle even donned what appear to be custom-made webbed sneakers for the event!

Check out the hilarious video documenting the happening:

Although we don’t know much about the now-celebrity duck, its official Instagram account seems to have been chronicling the animal’s antics for quite some time. Wrinkle has been spotted having a drink in Dumbo, driving around New

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Best Running Gear 2021 | Runner’s World Gear of the Year Awards

This time last year, we assembled our Gear of the Year list, reflecting on 2020 and feeling hesitant yet hopeful for 2021. Things obviously still aren’t like what they used to be. However, races have started up again, we watched amazing Olympics feats this summer, and we’re finally able to run together again.

On these pages are the 28 products that upped our running game this year, or just brought us joy during these uncertain times. Nonrunners may not understand our glee over finding the right pair of shoes or splurging on a smartwatch with long-lasting battery life. But we’re

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S’pore running event in support of those with special needs goes virtual amid Covid-19, Community News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – For 19-year-old student Wesley Neo, who has autism spectrum disorder, running is a passion that allows him to stay healthy and relaxed.

Mr Neo, who goes on runs twice a week, is looking forward to taking part in this year’s Run for Inclusion, an event aimed at bringing the community and people with special needs together that kicked off on Sunday (Nov 21).

Organised by Runninghour, a sports co-operative that promotes integration of persons with special needs through running, the event will be held virtually for the first time since its inception in 2015, due to the Covid-19

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Rebelle Rally Sixth Running Is Underway

Image for article titled The Sixth Running Of The Rebelle Rally Is Underway

Photo: Victoria Scott

Situated next to the Hoover Dam, about 50 off-road vehicles in various states of modification and decoration slowly looped their way through a parking lot on the border of Arizona and the Lake Mead overflow trenches. It was tech inspection for the Rebelle Rally, and a walk through the pits quickly revealed that it’s not exactly the average RAID challenge.

Image for article titled The Sixth Running Of The Rebelle Rally Is Underway

Photo: Victoria Scott

For one, there were some completely stock vehicles there. Instead of the lifted behemoth diesel semis or tube-chassis race trucks of the Baja or Dakar, all of the trucks entered in

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Jets trying to jump-start anemic running game

The Jets offense has shown some signs of life in recent weeks, but one area where it is still lagging behind is running the ball.

The Jets are 30th in the NFL in rushing offense, averaging 76.3 yards per game. They have rushed for 100 yards just once this season, all the way back in Week 2.

The lack of a rushing attack has stalled out the offense and is not helping a hurting defense that could benefit from some long offensive drives.

“Obviously, we want to run the ball more than we are,” running game coordinator and offensive line

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The Cold Weather Running Gear You Need This Winter

Running in the cold, whether you consider it invigorating or torturous, takes guts—and preparation.

“It makes me feel like a badass,” said Minnesota-based Verna Volker, founder of Native Women Running. “I grew up in the southwest and never thought I would ever run in Minnesota winters, but I am hooked.”

Mild temperatures of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit allow for the most efficient transfer of heat out of the body, wilderness-medicine expert Dr. Richard Ingebretsen told us—which explains why that range often feels so terrific to run in. (Research on the relationship between air temperature and marathon performance

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What Donald Trump has said about running in 2024

None of the US’s recent one-term presidents have run for another term after being defeated. Gerald Ford considered a run against his vanquisher Jimmy Carter in 1980 but ultimately stayed away, and neither Mr Carter nor George HW Bush were ever expected to make a serious play for another term. Donald Trump, though, sees things differently.

The Florida resident is clearly considering a run for president in 2024, and there have frequently been reports that an announcement may be imminent. These have so far come to nothing, but Mr Trump’s hold on the Republican Party means that until he

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Matt James Is Running the New York City Marathon This Weekend

What’s for lunch?

I typically run the same smoothie back because I know I have a run later on in the day. I can’t eat before I run or drink a lot of liquid. So I’ll do a little less milk, less peanut butter, sometimes I’ll cut it out altogether depending on how the run is.

How has your training been going?

So far, I haven’t run more than 10 miles. I have more to do in terms of long runs, at least 15 or 17. The thing is, I’m just moving my body in so many ways all of

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Black Friday running shoes deals: All the best prices on running shoes you can buy today

Black Friday running shoes deals are the best way to invest in your body and help to avoid injury. And before you ask: is running good for you, experts agree it’s a great aerobic exercise that builds muscle, endurance, fitness and stamina. It can help you lose weight and the best running shoes could even make you run faster, too. 

Sports brands like Adidas, Saucony, Asics and Nike put a lot of time and resources into their running shoe designs and engineering, but the one thing they can’t change is that we are all different and we all

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