How I learned to love treadmill running

These shoes weren’t made for walking.

Kent German/CNET

I never thought I’d be a treadmill runner. Why expend all that energy and never go anywhere? No, I thought, it was better to be out in the fresh air, feeling the sun on my face and enjoying the beauty of the Bay Area.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and, like it did to so many things, it upended workout routines. My usual spots along the San Francisco Bay and around Oakland’s Lake Merritt felt too crowded, especially to run without a mask. I’d pass far fewer people on the streets in

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Damontae Kazee Off & Running In Bounce Back Bid

In this case, the controllable is the rehab, which Kazee said he began as soon as his cast was off. He got enough of a handle on it that, after a brief visit during March, the Cowboys felt comfortable signing him on a one-year deal. After facing the unknown for so long, Kazee said it was a big stress release.

“There was a couple teams out there trying to get me, but I wanted to come to a team that I know we’re going to fight and get to the playoffs and get to the Super Bowl,” he said.


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Begin Running During the Pandemic? How to Stay Motivated, Avoid Injury

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Many people have embraced running as a regular form of exercise during the pandemic. Getty Images
  • A number of people started running as a regular form of exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • For new runners, experts suggest ramping up slowly rather than beginning at a higher intensity to avoid injury and burnout.
  • It’s normal to feel self-conscious about your form or your body’s gradual adjustment to withstanding the demands of a new activity like running.

For many people, their approach to physical activity and exercise shifted during the pandemic.

From embracing home workouts to navigating how to

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Fast Running Shoes – Should You Wear ‘Super Shoes’ Every Day?

Let’s try a thought experiment.

You purchase a pair of “super shoes”—the high-stack, next-gen midsole, plated racing shoes that are the running story of the last few years—and soon boast a new personal best or two. You start to wear the shoes not just in races and special workouts, but also on more of your regular runs. You notice that you’re covering your standard loops faster without more effort. Plus, your legs don’t feel as beat up as they usually do. So you ask yourself, Why not run in super shoes every day?

Not so fast, say some experts, and

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The Best Running Shoes Sales for Memorial Day 2021


Here’s a case for Memorial Day resolutions instead of New Year’s—it’s warmer outside, and there are sales on some of the best workout gear available. Whether you wanted to sign up for a race, reach a PR, or start adding running to your daily routine, there’s no time like the present. Plus, thanks to these sales, you can stock up on some of the most popular running shoes from brands like Brooks, Nike, and Saucony for up to —and sometimes over—50% off!

We selected some of our favorite shoes from trusted brands so you can start shopping before the

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Pair completes unusual challenge of running along every street in Helotes

SAN ANTONIO – Even when it seemed the world was hunkered down at home, there was no such thing as sitting still for Kevin Mack and Angela English.

The pair took to the streets – every single one in Helotes – to complete an unusual challenge during the coronavirus-related quarantine.

“It was a time when everything was locking down and we were looking for some positivity and some way to motivate people,” said Mack.

He and English, who are partners only on the pavement, set out on their quest in April of last year to run along every street in

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Running down some solutions for Cardinals’ league-leading gift-giving spree of walks | St. Louis Cardinals

“We can’t pitch not to walk people,” he continued. “We have to pitch to get outs. You also have to utilize your defense, which is one of the team strengths.”

Manager Mike Shildt began his Zoom conference with St. Louis media Saturday revisiting the walker’s dozen Friday and wanting to detail how not all walks are equal.

There are walks earned by the batter.

There are walks given for strategy, to avoid a batter.

And then there is the third category — the one too often seen Friday.

“The walk that is not as competitive,” Shildt said. “It’s a four-

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Bizarre Discovery Suggests Pink Drinks Make People Run Faster, But Why?

If you’re going to gargle something next time you go for a run, here’s some free advice: Try using a pink-colored drink. As strange as it sounds, pink drinks appear to be linked with enhanced running performance.


In a new study, scientists found that runners who rinsed their mouths with a pink-colored liquid solution – as opposed to a clear, identical-tasting one – ran for longer and at a faster average speed, while having a more enjoyable running experience too.

“Adding a pink colorant to an artificially sweetened solution not only enhanced the perception of sweetness, but also enhanced

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Team BikeExchange DS booted from Giro d’Italia after running team car into Serry

At least the rain had stopped by the time Pieter Serry (Deceuninck-QuickStep) reached the top of the climb to San Giacomo at the end of stage 6 of the Giro d’Italia, but it was hard to be grateful for small mercies on a day like this.

Serry’s back was aching even more than his legs, and he was cold and tired after a demanding trek through the Apennines. Small wonder he winced when he saw a group of reporters edge into his path past the finish line, but he braked to a halt to give an obvious answer to an

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Black Women Run for Resistance

When Sylvia Jimerson laced up her shoes on May 8, 2020, she prepared herself for a meaningful run. Rather than focusing on her fitness, her miles that day would be part of a resistance to the racism and white supremacy that seemed to impact every part of American society this year.

Jimerson and her daughters, Syrae, 11, and Jayda, 9, joined thousands of others who laced up to “Run With Ahmaud,” a virtual event meant to remember Ahmaud Arbery. Arbery’s killing sent waves through the running community, with organizations like Harlem Run Club, Latinos Run, and Runner’s World running in

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