The Swiss Army Knife of running, Novi’s Miles Brown is elite on the track

NOVI, Mich. — At a high school track and field meet last week, Miles Brown completed an unconventional day of racing. Tabbed to run the 1,600 meter run and the 400 meter dash – with just one event separating them – it is no easy ask to ask an athlete to compete in both events.

But Brown is an unconventional athlete. In fact, it is hard to find any runner quite like the Novi senior anywhere else in the state of Michigan. Ever.

“Describing Miles as anything less than phenomenal does him a disservice,” said second-year Novi track coach Garrett

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Seahawks’ DK Metcalf aiming for Olympic berth by running 100 meters

What happens if Metcalf is injured during this process?

Michael-Shawn Dugar, Seahawks beat writer: Well, the Seahawks are probably wondering the same thing. Based on the terms of a standard rookie contract, there’s a world in which Seattle comes for a piece of his signing bonus in the event of injury that prevents Metcalf from performing his contractual obligations to the Seahawks. That’s unlikely, I’d imagine, because the worst that can probably happen during all of this is Metcalf injures his hamstring, which isn’t exactly a career-ending situation.

Lindsay Jones, senior NFL writer: The Seahawks will get plenty of publicity

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Woman Will Run 285 Miles in Wedding Dress for Domestic Violence

Woman Will Run 285 Miles in Wedding Dress for Domestic Violence |

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Hoka One One Clifton 7 Running Shoe Review

Scouting Report: These running shoes are perfect for running long distances, and even better for those of us who have been sitting on the couch for the last year.

I am trying to run as much as possible this year. I just want to enjoy being outside, breathing fresh air, kicking up dust. I haven’t run in a little bit—a combination of winter weather and well, the pandemic had me stalled out. But I’m back into the sport, and I couldn’t be happier I picked up these running shoes just in time.

The Clifton 7’s are Hoka One One’s signature

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Running an ultramarathon in 50 states

A week after he had a kidney removed, David McCartney was back on his farm in Darlington. He had to keep moving. Blood clots could form in his leg without movement, said Dr. John Powelson, the IU Health transplant surgeon who performed the surgery. The city of Carmel maintenance worker started with short walks on the treadmill — basically anything short of intricate yoga poses that could stretch out the abdomen and tear the stitches.

“If you sit down, you be idle, you’re only going to be worse off,” McCartney said.

It was late February 2018 and McCartney had finally

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Gerry Dee on the emotional stages of going for your first run

Canadian actor and comedian Gerry Dee took to Twitter on Monday to let the world know that he was going for a run, and his thread of tweets was a pretty good outline of what every new runner (or runner returning to the sport after a long hiatus) experiences their first time out for a jog. Running isn’t easy, and if you’re new to the sport, it’ll take a while for you to find your groove. Learn from Mr. D (as he was known in his CBC sitcom of the same name) and get to know the emotional stages of

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You’ve Got to Get in on Amazon’s Secret Running Tech Sale That’s Happening RN

Running as a form of exercise may come off as a lil boring and just straight-up hard—but at the same time, we all know that it’s a beneficial workout that doesn’t require much (like a gym or a machine) besides moving your legs really fast. And you can pretty much do it anywhere you please! So, whether you’re a newbie trying to push yourself to get running to be your thing or you’re looking to hop back into the sport, you might need some motivation to give ya a kickstart. Enter: Amazon’s ~secret~ running tech sale.

Amazon is currently offering

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Does Cardio Like Running and HIIT Hinder Muscle-Building?

  • It’s a fitness myth that cardio causes your muscles to shrivel up or prevents them from growing.
  • What’s crucial, however, is that cardio doesn’t limit your capacity to perform strength training.
  • Equally, recovery is key for muscle growth, so make sure you aren’t overtraining.
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Dear Rachel,

After years of doing cardio and HIIT classes, I’m trying to incorporate more strength training into my fitness regime as I want to build some muscle (and have next to none). My question is: If I carry on doing my cardio, will

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Oklahoma off and running on recruiting trail

Oklahoma has the 247Sports Composite’s No. 9 recruiting class. A closer look says it’s even better than that.

When eyeing the average ranking per commit, the Sooners have the No. 2 class at this point in the 2022 cycle.

And it could get even better.

We talk about that in the video above on this week’s Wiltfong Whiparound.

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VW Is Running Its ID.4 EV in the NORRA Mexican 1000

  • Volkswagen is testing a production ID.4 1st Edition RWD’s durability by running one in the Norra Mexican 1000 off-road race.
  • Tanner Foust and Rhys Millen Racing modified the VW for off-road use.
  • The idea is to find out how well VW’s first production-based EV handles the off-road challenges.

    A specially prepared Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV is running the National Off-Road Racing Association (NORRA) Mexican 1000 race April 25-29 on the Baja Peninsula. Rhys Millen Racing modified the ID.4 and Tanner Foust and off-road racer Emme Hall are doing the driving. VW says the SUV is running a stock powertrain and

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