Legendary Road Cycling Brand Wilier Launches New Urta SLR Cross Country Bike

Wilier is an Italian brand that has been making road bikes for more than 100

Wilier is an Italian brand that has been making road bikes for more than 100 years but it hasn’t really spread its wings into the mountain bike world, until now. While it does have a small selection of hardtails and eMTBs, the new Urta SLR marks “the height of [its] evolution in the mountain bike sector”.

As you might expect from a road racing brand, Wilier is targeting the cross-country segment with this bike but the similarities between this bike and its road range go beyond the lycra its riders might wear.


Intended Use: Cross country racing
Frame material: Hus-Mod carbon fibre
Rear Wheel Travel: 100mm
Wheel Size: 29″ front and rear
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Price: Frame only from €3,200, builds from €5,400 to €10,000
More info: wilier.com

The Urta SLR is built from the same Hus-Mod carbon fiber as its 0 SLR and Filante SLR road bikes and it also features a modified one-piece stem and bar, the same as other bikes in its road range.
Obviously, there’s plenty that’s different to a road bike here too including the 100mm travel front and rear and the fact that it runs on 29″ wheels. The suspension is delivered via a single pivot that’s neatly tucked around the seat tube alongside a flex stay. Flex stay designs are becoming more popular in cross country mountain biking as they cut down weight and leave plenty of room for water bottles, of which the Urta SLR can take 2. Altogether the frame has a claimed weight of 1,730 grams (3.8lb) with full builds coming in at around 10kg (22lbs), which puts it right in the ballpark with some of the leading bikes in the category.

The bike’s travel is delivered via a single pivot and flex stay

One other area where the bike differs from road bikes is in its geometry. In the past, we’ve criticized XC bikes for being too steep and scary and, while this bike doesn’t get as progressive as some of the bikes in our recent XC field test, its 69° head tube angle and comparable reach numbers make it comparable to the benchmark Canyon Lux.

A plethora of builds are available including two frame-only options and builds that range from €5,400 to €10,000, More info, here.