The case for funding bike infrastructure in Democrats’ spending bills

Jake Moffitt, a 38-year-old data center technician in the Dallas area, was used to biking to work.

He did it all the time when he lived in Albuquerque, and thought he’d try the same when he moved to Dallas five years ago. Moffitt says he lasted six months before he threw in the towel.

“It was really just scary,” Moffitt told Vox. “Driving is pretty much the only option I have.”

One of the largest cities in Texas, Dallas doesn’t have much in the way of street biking infrastructure. According to city officials, it currently has 74 miles of bike

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Best mountain bike pedals 2021 | 25 flat & clipless MTB pedals reviewed

Pedals have a difficult job. For starters, they’re one of the three contact points where your body and your bike meet, so have to provide a suitable interface as well as an element of control.

They’re also the means by which you transmit the power in your legs into the bike’s drivetrain to propel you along the trail, and are often subjected to the general rough and tumble of mountain biking.

As a result, pedals are a crucial part of any mountain bike, but they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. What’s right for you will

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Your Mountain Bike Is Probably Too Big for You


I hate to tell you this, but your mountain bike probably doesn’t fit you.

If you bought a bike in the last five or so years, there’s a substantial chance that the frame is too big for you, your seat is too far forward, and the handlebar needs to be cut down or even replaced.

But bro! you spray at me from the tailgate of your lifted TRD Pro, You don’t even know me, bro!

You’re right. I don’t know you. I have never seen you on any bike, much less your current shred sled, which is of course

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The Washington Post.A man fell off his bike in the woods and needed lifesaving surgery. An ER doctor happened to be cycling by..Todd Van Guilder knew he was in trouble the second he flew off his bike during a ride along the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails in central….1 week ago

The Washington Post.A man fell off his bike in the woods and needed lifesaving surgery. An ER
doctor happened to be cycling by..Todd Van Guilder knew he was in trouble the second he flew off his bike
during a ride along the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails in central….1 week ago… Read More

10 Benefits of Cycling That’ll Make You Want to Hop on a Bike for Your Next Cardio Workout

What’s more, many cycling classes incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a type of exercise that involves performing bursts of work at max effort followed by short periods of rest. In addition to improving your heart functioning, HIIT can also increase your VO2 max (how much oxygen you can use during exercise) and improve your blood pressure and insulin sensitivity (how responsive your cells are to insulin), according to a 2017 review published in the journal Sports Medicine.

2. Low-impact exercise

Cycling can be a great alternative to high-impact cardio workouts, like running or bodyweight HIIT classes (which tend to

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My Desk Bike Is A Permanent Fixture in my WFH Office Setup

Enlarge / Behold: It is both desk and bike.

Corey Gaskin

If you work from home, it’s a good idea to spice up the home office from time to time. Some of us have been living the telecommuting life for longer than others, and while we at Ars have some extensive experience (and an equally comprehensive guide on the best gear for home offices), we still like to periodically change things up to meet our dynamic needs. That’s how I found the Desk Bike.

Well, that, and I’m recovering from a foot injury that recently got me into biking as

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Best mountain bike shoes 2021 | 25 tried and tested recommendations

When looking for the best mountain bike shoes, there is a plethora of options. To figure out which pair is right for you, the first decision you’ll have to make is whether you want to go with flat-pedal or clipless-pedal shoes.

Our in-depth buyer’s guide will help you choose, as well as provide some information on the foundations of a good mountain bike shoe.

You’ll find all the best mountain bike shoe reviews on this page, and whether you ride cross-country, trail, enduro or downhill on flat or clipless pedals, we’ve ridden and rated the best mountain bike shoes on

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Video shows erratic driver weaving around cyclists during ‘Bike the Drive’

CHICAGO — A bike rider sent WGN disturbing video of a car weaving dangerously around cyclists Sunday during Chicago’s Bike the Drive.

According to witnesses, a car went through the roadblocks intended to protect the bike riders from traffic. 

Onlookers and cyclists reported the incident to the police. The driver, however, has not been identified and arrested by authorities.

One of the cyclists said kids took part in the drive, and the ordeal could have turned tragic.

No injuries were reported.

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Bike maker Raleigh eyes move into electric courier sector

Electric vehicles updates

Raleigh, one of the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturers, hopes to emulate the success of electric bikes among food delivery businesses in the courier sector.

The British bike manufacturer, which was the world’s largest just before the first world war, is eyeing the opportunity to replace polluting vans used by parcel delivery groups, such as DPD and DHL, with greener, battery-powered e-cargo bikes.

“For Raleigh, e-cargo bikes have one of the biggest growth trajectories over the next four or five years,” said

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Richardson Bike Mart is now Bike Mart

RICHARDSON, Texas (BRAIN) — Said to be the largest family-owned bike retailer in Texas, Richardson Bike Mart is increasingly not just in Richardson, a community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The store has four locations now, only one of which is in Richardson. And a new store planned for this fall will be in Preston Hollow.

Thus, owner Ken “Woody” Smith said it’s time to rename the 59-year-old business as simply: Bike Mart.

“We hope the new name and logo reflect our heart to serve cyclists all over,” said Smith. “We are so proud of our roots and our heritage,

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