Raised bike lanes to be installed in Chicago to better protect cyclists

If Copenhagen can install raised bike lanes to prevent motorists from invading space reserved for cyclists, why can’t Chicago try it?

Transportation Commissioner Gia Biagi asked essentially that question on Tuesday during a virtual address to the Rotary Club of Chicago, then answered it in a way that delighted her fellow cyclists.

Biagi noted Chicago’s cycling plan is “a decade old.” It’s high-time to “update the technology, think differently about it and get some of those measures and policies in place where we can do the carrot and the stick at the same time,” she said.

“Our curb management planning

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If You Build It, They Will Bike: Pop-Up Lanes Increased Cycling During Pandemic

Adding bike lanes to urban streets can increase the number of cyclists across an entire city, not just on the streets with new bike lanes, according to a new study. The finding adds to a growing body of research indicating that investments in cycling infrastructure can encourage more people to commute by bike, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve health.

“It’s the first piece of evidence we have trying to, at a larger scale, link the bikeway infrastructure — these pop-up bike lanes and things that were built — to cycling levels during Covid,” said Ralph Buehler, chairman

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Bike Thieves Are On A Roll During The Pandemic. Here’s How To Protect Your Ride : NPR

Dan Henry, D.C. resident, out for a ride on his mountain bike. His bike was stolen from his home a few weeks ago.

Landon Short/Dan Henry

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Landon Short/Dan Henry

Dan Henry, D.C. resident, out for a ride on his mountain bike. His bike was stolen from his home a few weeks ago.

Landon Short/Dan Henry

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Elizabeth Abrams mainly cycled for fun, but when she moved to Washington, D.C., a fairly bikeable city, in 2020, her motivations for biking became much more practical.

Abrams did not want to take public transportation during the

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How to get your road bike position right | DIY bike fit for beginners

This guide will talk you through how to set up your road bike position with a DIY bike fit – including frame size, saddle height and handlebar position – so you can ride comfortably, efficiently and injury-free.

A bike set up to fit you properly can increase speed and comfort, but more importantly, it’ll help you become a life-long cyclist – you’re less likely to stick with cycling if just riding your bike makes you uncomfortable or, worse still, injures you.

A major misconception of bicycles is that they fit right out of the box. You might get lucky, but

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Women’s Bike Seat Pain | Saddle Sores and Common Issues for Women

I was sitting around a dinner table with a few pro women cyclists when the conversation turned to the decidedly un-table-talk topic of women’s saddle sores and, well, worse.

“I ‘grow a set’ every season,” said one woman. “I won’t even get a check-up because my gynecologist is so shocked by how swollen I am, I’m embarrassed.”

As I tried to surreptitiously remove my jaw from the table, others chimed in with their own issues, which ranged from the errant ingrown hair to labial swelling so severe, they were considering surgery. I pulled out my phone when dinner was done

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Did Pete Buttigieg Stage a Bike Ride After Riding in SUV?

On April 1, 2021, a video showing U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg unloading a bike from an SUV was shared on social media. Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza published: “Buttigieg CAUGHT Faking Green Lifestyle, Rides Bike to Work After Car Drops Him Off Near Destination.” A headline on The Post Millennial read: “WATCH: ‘Environmentalist’ Buttigieg unloads bike from SUV before riding the short distance to his destination.”

A number of YouTube users including conservative commentator Charlie Kirk also shared the video in question.

Twitter user @Xeriland tweeted that it was “Pete Buttigieg’s dog and pony show.” He claimed: “Use an

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7 best bike helmets for 2021 and how to choose one

As the weather gets warmer, many Americans are looking for new ways to exercise and enjoy the outdoors — one popular option is biking. But before you take off, you’ll need to make sure you have everything you need to bike safely, including bike helmets — experts we consulted consider it essential to wear one.

Even the best cyclists are still at risk of colliding with cars or other motor vehicles, encountering hazards like pedestrians or other cyclists and facing dangerous road conditions like potholes and tree roots. Bicycle crashes can cause serious injury or even death, especially when the

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Legendary Road Cycling Brand Wilier Launches New Urta SLR Cross Country Bike

Wilier is an Italian brand that has been making road bikes for more than 100 years but it hasn’t really spread its wings into the mountain bike world, until now. While it does have a small selection of hardtails and eMTBs, the new Urta SLR marks “the height of [its] evolution in the mountain bike sector”.

As you might expect from a road racing brand, Wilier is targeting the cross-country segment with this bike but the similarities between this bike and its road range go beyond the lycra its riders might wear.


Intended Use: Cross country racing
Frame material:

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