Industry Shoutout: Ride Concepts Highlights Its ‘Badass Women on Bikes’

Wondering who the riders are behind Ride Concepts? Meet them in this sweet staff tribute film.

For the past month, Ride Concepts has been featuring photos, stories, and highlight reels on various women in mountain biking. “As May wraps up, we decided that the best way to complete our #SheRidesEveryDay feature is to offer an inside look at the women of Ride Concepts,” the company shared. 

Ride Concepts is a Reno, Nevada-based, rider-owned bike footwear company shop.

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Most Bikes Aren’t Made for Plus-Sized Bodies

Over the past year, I’ve gotten into a regular habit of dipping in and out of online marketplaces to browse second-hand bikes. Like so many people during the pandemic, I too have wanted to reconnect with a life on two wheels. I was ready to test ride a bike when my boyfriend, with all good intentions, suggested that I might be too heavy for the one I had found. I am fat, a word I’ve worked hard to reclaim, and it had never occurred to me that bikes might have weight limits. As it turns out, many bike shops and

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Can electric bikes help you get fit?

E-bikes make cycling more accessible. 

Extreme-Photographer/Getty Images

Many bikers — whether road cyclists or mountain bikers — see electric bikes as a way to cheat. From my experience, this is especially true in the mountain biking community, at least where I live: When I started mountain biking, I quickly learned that many bikres view electric bikes as a way to cheat the trails. 

I’ve never used an e-bike and I don’t know personally know anyone who does, but I felt disgusted by this community-wide conversation about how electric bikes are useless, dumb and reserved for people who don’t want to

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