Majority of Milwaukee County swimming pools will be closed this summer

Swimming this summer will be limited in Milwaukee County. All county pools last year stayed closed because of the pandemic, but this year the problem is staffing and funding.Only two county pools and two county aquatic centers will be open.Wilson Park Pool, Sheridan Park Pool, Schultz Aquatic Center and Cool Waters Aquatic Park will all open this season. Eight other locations will remain closed: Pelican Cove Aquatic Center, Hales Corners Park Pool, Grobschmidt Pool, Jackson Park Pool, McCarty Park Pool McCarty Park Pool, Noyes Pool and Pulaski Pool. Milwaukee County Parks officials say it’s due to a lack of staffing … Read More

With pools closed, Peruvians turn to open-water swimming

LIMA, Peru (AP) — The swimmers began gathering even before dawn glimmers on Pescadores beach, plunging into the Pacific surf for one of the few athletic endeavors permitted under Peru’s strict pandemic restrictions.

Swimming pools have been closed for more than a year, but government has since Oct. 30 allowed open-water swimming, even if relaxing on the beach is banned to prevent mass gatherings.

Forty-three-year-old Lorena Choy said swimming “relaxes me, unstresses me. … It helps a lot psychologically.”

Swimming coach Víctor Solís, 47, said he estimated that the number of swimmers out each morning has multlplied fivefold recently.


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