Portugal’s Bike Boom: How the Country Is Meeting the Demand

VOUZELA, Portugal — Inside a factory set among eucalyptus trees in the Portuguese countryside, workers carefully cut thin strips of sticky carbon fiber and press them into molds. It is slow and painstaking labor.

But after each mold is cooked in an oven heated to 200 degrees Celsius (about 390 degrees Fahrenheit), out comes an incredibly light frame for a bicycle that may sell for about $7,000, helping accelerate Portugal’s growth as the largest bike manufacturing nation in the European Union.

Demand for bikes is soaring, thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic. More people have decided to pedal to

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Legendary Road Cycling Brand Wilier Launches New Urta SLR Cross Country Bike

Wilier is an Italian brand that has been making road bikes for more than 100 years but it hasn’t really spread its wings into the mountain bike world, until now. While it does have a small selection of hardtails and eMTBs, the new Urta SLR marks “the height of [its] evolution in the mountain bike sector”.

As you might expect from a road racing brand, Wilier is targeting the cross-country segment with this bike but the similarities between this bike and its road range go beyond the lycra its riders might wear.


Intended Use: Cross country racing
Frame material:

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