NBA explains why LeBron James didn’t quarantine after attending event

The NBA on Monday released a statement explaining why LeBron James was not subject to a quarantine period after he attended a promotional event two days before the Lakers’ play-in game vs. the Warriors.

NBA chief communications officer Mike Bass said the NBA declined to suspend James or subject him to a quarantine period because the event, which required guests to produce proof of vaccination or a return a negative COVID-19 test result, “did not create risks related to the spread of COVID-19.”

James was available for LA’s play-in game vs. Golden State on Wednesday, two days after he attended

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Ranking the best college football teams that didn’t win a national title

Winning a national title in college football generally requires both greatness and a little bit of luck, and some of the greatest teams in the sport’s history haven’t gotten quite enough of the latter to emerge with a ring. As we slowly gear up for another season, let’s take a moment to admire some of those who fell just short. Here are the 50 best teams to not win a national title.

This being college football, of course, we need some specifications. Since approximately 14,038,342 teams have claimed national titles through the years, we’re going to define “national titles” as

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