US Open of Mountain Biking Canceled Due to Forest Closures

The Fox US Open of Mountain Biking was canceled today after the Forest Service ordered the closure of California’s National Forests until at least September 17. The closure is a response to an ongoing wildfire crisis in the state.

The event was scheduled for September 23-26 at Big Bear Mountain Resort’s Summit Bike Park. Although the forests could reopen before the event’s scheduled dates, there wouldn’t be enough time for the event organizers to prepare after finding out definitively whether it would happen. All the athletes currently registered will have their entry fees refunded.

This is a difficult announcement to
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SEC establishes forfeit policies for college football games canceled due to COVID-19


The Power Five conferences have made it clear: If you can’t play due to COVID-19, you will take a loss. The SEC became the latest to announce its cancellation policy on Monday with a forfeit mandate similar to the rest of the Power Five. The policy will hand a forfeit to any team that is unable to play due to COVID-19 issues, while assigning a win in the conference standings to the team able to play. The SEC also will consider financial reimbursement to any team whose game was canceled through no fault of its own. 

If both teams

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