Ease into running: Q&A with Couch to 5K founder Josh Clark

Indeed, his first weeks pounding the pavement were difficult and decidedly unpleasant. His body hurt. But then something surprising happened: Clark started to enjoy running. His runs had become easier and calming, and he loved the feeling of his body in motion. So when Clark’s mother was searching for a fitness routine a year later, Clark immediately suggested running, with the zeal of the newly converted.

There was just one issue. He knew how agonizing his first few weeks of running had been, and he did not want his mother to go through that. So Clark drew up a nine-week
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ACC Question Mark: Can Josh Pastner, Georgia Tech Keep Improving?

We had some fun with Josh Pastner and Georgia Tech over the last few years.

When it comes to Pastner, he just seems like a highly intelligent…goofball. We’ve followed him literally since he came to Arizona as a walk-on with the understanding that he was a coaching star-to-be.

We’ve never doubted his intelligence. We have at times doubted his maturity and self-awareness. Some of his behavior at Memphis seemed frankly foolish. The weirdness with his drug addict friend Ron Bell posed a serious threat to his program, ultimately landing it on probation. It also means you can type Josh Pastner

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