Community gathers to mourn loss of Salem native who died after running a race

SALEM. Va. – The community comes together in honor of a local man who died at the end of a weekend race.

Salem native Andy Dalton suddenly died after he finished running a race on Saturday.

Monday morning, Run About Sports and Fleet Feet Roanoke hosted a community prayer in his honor at the Salem Red Sox stadium ahead of Health Focus 5 and 10K race.

“It’s great to come together in times like these when we face a lot of struggles and challenges and conflict out there. This is a kind of an event that we come together as

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Spanish village hosts first bull running fiesta since pandemic

VILLASECA DE LA SAGRA, SPAIN, Sept 5 (Reuters) – Ten bulls charged through the streets of Villaseca de la Sagra on Sunday in pursuit of hundreds of runners as the first bull running fiesta was held in Spain since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Villages and towns across Spain hold the fiestas but they were prohibited last year as the country brought in tough health restrictions. Opposition to them has increased in recent years as Spanish society remains divided over the controversial issue of using bulls for sport.

No-one was injured during the country’s first run, in this village

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Nike’s ‘super shoes’ spark race with Brooks Running and others to outfit the world’s elite runners

It should have been a perfect moment for Carson Caprara, head of footwear development for Brooks Running, when the company’s star athlete claimed bronze in the 1,500-meter finals at the Tokyo Olympics.

Instead, there was a catch. The runner, Britain’s Josh Kerr, wore shoes designed by Nike. That’s because, amid the complications of COVID-19, Brooks had been delayed in developing a version of next-generation track spikes that are transforming the sport.

“It was so frustrating,” said Caprara, whose company let Kerr and other sponsored elites race in spikes from rival brands. “We’ve always responded for our athletes, every time. To

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How Running Changed Me – Ryan Padilla Lee Weight Loss

Courtesy Ryan Padilla Lee

Name: Ryan Padilla Lee
Age: 37
Location: Sacramento, California
Occupation: Choral Director/Educator

Start Weight: 205 pounds
End Weight: 135 pounds
Time Running: 16 months

My weight has fluctuated between 160 and 200 pounds in my 30s, and at 5-foot-7, anything over 170 pounds weighs me down. Given my busy lifestyle, between regular work and side gigs, I barely had time to keep up with an exercise routine.

Around Christmas 2019, I was buying size 38 pants, a size I had never bought before. I also have a history of diabetes and stroke in my family, and

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Best Running Shoes Fall 2021

Road racing has returned this fall, after an 18-month hiatus, and that means it’s time to lace up the fastest new shoes to test your fitness. But whether you’re racing or just enjoying your daily mileage, there are fantastic new models that leverage the latest bouncy foams and irritation-free uppers to ensure you get the most from every run.

To find this season’s best shoes, our test team and more than 250 wear-testers piled miles on 78 different models, with each

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Why Were So Many Running World Records Broken During the Pandemic?

Normally, on his long-run days, the twenty-seven-year-old marathoner C. J. Albertson would wake up excited. As an élite runner sponsored by Brooks, he is paid to run farther and faster than almost anyone else. But, one Sunday morning in late November, he woke up not wanting to run at all. Lying in bed, he began to rationalize why running outdoors didn’t make sense: the temperature was rising, and a semi-recent wildfire near Fresno, where he lives, made the air smoky. “And it wasn’t bad,” he clarified, “but it was smoky enough that it gave me an excuse.”

Motivation had never

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A Seattle mecca for running goes dark as the city continues to fall short on homelessness

The unique appeal of the sport of cross country is right there in the name.

No place in the Seattle area is known for giving high school runners more soul-sapping country to try to cross than the roller-coaster-like trails of Lower Woodland Park, near Green Lake.

“It’s the mecca for cross country in Seattle,” says Jim Neff, a local running coach since the 1980s. “It’s known everywhere as an extremely challenging course, so runners come from all over to test themselves against it.”

“Do you enjoy mud, camaraderie and suffering through the hills of Lower Woodland Park?” is actually the

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The Unwritten Rules of Running, According to Reddit

Image for article titled The Unwritten Rules of Running, According to Reddit

Photo: dotshock (Shutterstock)

Everything in life has a set of etiquette rules, and running is no exception. But if you normally run by yourself, the rules may be a bit inscrutable. Here, thanks to Reddit’s r/running, are some of those “unwritten rules” that you might not know until you break them.

When and how to pass someone

Whether you’re in a race or just out for a run in a busy park, it’s pretty common to find yourself closing in on somebody who’s running just a tad bit slower than you.

“Don’t run two or three

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Calvin Ridley working on ‘art’ of route running entering first season without Julio Jones

Calvin Ridley has gotten a taste of what it’s like to be his team’s best receiver on an NFL field. Now, it’s his reality.

Sitting at the top of the depth chart comes with responsibilities and an expectation of increased attention. Ridley will face the top cornerbacks on nearly every team his Falcons face this season, and he’ll likely see plenty of safety involvement over the top as well. He got a taste of it last week in Miami, where the Falcons traveled to participate in joint practices with the Dolphins, who boast two very effective corners in 2020 interceptions

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Racing Cars Are About to Start Running on Wine Dregs

(Bloomberg) — Automakers and energy giants are rethinking the environmental impact of motorsports, so much so that next year’s edition of the world’s oldest endurance race will be won in a car powered by wine dregs.

Oil major TotalEnergies SE said Aug. 20 that it’s developing its own 100% renewable fuel for motorsport which will be introduced from next year, including at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France, where the car that covers the greatest distance in a full day wins.

The so-called advanced ethanol fuel is made in part with residues from the French wine industry,

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