Would Michigan State basketball benefit from Rocket Watts return?

It’s been a few weeks since Rocket Watts his the transfer portal. After a disappointing

It’s been a few weeks since Rocket Watts his the transfer portal. After a disappointing sophomore season with Michigan State basketball, he decided to look for a change of scenery.

Right away, he received interest from some of the top programs in the country and other under-the-radar ones like Xavier and Connecticut which seemed like good fits for him. But since he entered the portal and received all of this immediate interest, everything has been quiet. We haven’t heard about any leaders and he hasn’t committed elsewhere yet.

So what’s the hold-up?

Are teams telling him that they want him to play point guard because that’s where he’ll need to be if he wants to play in the NBA? If that’s the case, is he having second thoughts about leaving Michigan State because it’s home and he’s already familiar with the system? Does he realize that Tom Izzo was just trying to help him by playing him at the point?

Possibly, but even if he doesn’t want to play point, Michigan State would be a decent opportunity for him because it landed Tyson Walker in the transfer portal and has Jaden Akins coming in.

Rocket wouldn’t have to be the main point option and that could be intriguing to him.

Would Michigan State basketball benefit from a potential return?

Rocket leaving made sense because he had struggled so much in his second season and his confidence took a hit because of the constant position changes, but if he did decide to return, would it be welcomed by the Spartans and immediately improve the team?

Honestly, adding Rocket back can’t do anything but help. If he didn’t fit his new role of shooting guard primarily with minimal ball-handling responsibilities, he wouldn’t play.

Tom Izzo is going to play the best players and the guys who he feels give him the best shot at winning. If Rocket doesn’t adjust, he just won’t play. No harm, no foul.

This would be a good move for Michigan State which has a couple of open scholarships after transfers and Aaron Henry’s NBA departure and there may not be any realistic options in the portal right now. Sure, a guy like Bryce Thompson would make sense, but there has been no news on that front, so why not add some depth to the backcourt/wing?

Rocket struggled with his shot because he had to worry more about running the offense as a sophomore, but if he doesn’t have to do the latter, he can focus on improving his jumper.

A junior Rocket would probably be better than anything else Michigan State can find in the portal.